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A blog is a type of website where the content is presented in reverse chronological order. Blogs are typically run by an individual or a small group of people to present information in a conversational style. Blogs are a type of website. The only real difference between a blog and other types of website is that blogs are regularly updated with new content, which is displayed in reverse chronological order.

Following are just a few benefits of blogging.
     Provides an avenue to organize your thoughts and ideas
     Allows you to showcase your skills, creativity, and talents
    Help individuals become an authority in their industry
    Helps you socialize with interesting like-minded people online
    Many bloggers make money from their blogs using various monetization methods
    Businesses use blogging to bring more potential customers to their websites
     Non-profits can use blogs to raise awareness, run social media campaigns, and influence public opinion

Portfolio Website

A portfolio site is an extension of a freelancer’s (or company’s) résumé. It provides a convenient way for potential clients to view your work while also allowing you to expand on your skills and services.

He ultimate purpose of a portfolio website is to provide a way for you to land more clients, whether that means freelance work, more clients for your agency or employment at a company. You should decide what you want to accomplish with your website before adding content to it.

Most Important Features to Include on Your Portfolio Site
     Logo with Tagline
     Call to Action
     High-Quality Images
     Contact Information
     Information About Yourself
     A High-Quality Image of Yourself
     Relevant Social Media Accounts
     Relevant Personal Projects
     A FAQ Section
     Guest Appearances
     Free Samples
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