What is an IBC
(Individual Business Consultant) ?

An IBC (Individual Business Consultant) is a person, who works with Info Era Software Services Pvt. Ltd. to help every individual’s business, school, hospitals, start up’s entrepreneurs, working professionals and students to grow in their career and their business by giving Info Era Software Services Pvt. Ltd. products & services in the market for a certain amount of commission.

An IBC (Individual Business Consultant) is a Mini-Franchise of Info Era Software Services Pvt. Ltd.

You don’t require any office, infrastructure or employees to start IBC Business. You can work from as per your convenience (Part-time or Full-time).

As an IBC (Individual Business Consultant), you work independently and earn commission by consulting or selling products & services of Info Era Software Services Pvt. Ltd.

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Become a IBC (Individual Business Consultanat)

IBC Registration form



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The primary responsibility of a IBC is to recommend products & services of Info Era Software Services Pvt. Ltd. to prospective buyers like Start Up’s business, Students, Schools, Hospitals, Businessmen, Working Professionals etc. based on their business requirements.

Why become a IBC?

All you need is to know IBC Model.

1. Earning with Learning
2. Work form home
3. Support
4. Weekly/Monthly Pay Out
5. Tech Support
  • Become your own boss.
  • No Restriction.
  • No Reporting.
  • Business Skills.
  • Consultancy Skills.
  • Customer Generation.
  • Sales Techniques

Your commission amount will be credited to your account weekly/monthly.

Benefits of becoming a IBC

Start your business with a very low investment.
No limit of your earning.
Start earning from your first sale.
Create an additional source of income.
A business model which is growing even in a recession.
Work part-time or full-time as you please.
Ease of doing business.
No capping of commission, earn as much as you can.

Our Products and Services

Website Designing & Development
Desktop Applications
Web Applications
Android & IOS Applications
IT Consulting
Industrial Training
Cloud Services
Cyber Security
Graphics Designing
Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Bulk SMS & E-mail
School Management System.
Hospitals Management System.
Multi-Level Marketing.
E-Commerce Management System.
Real Estate Management System.
Hospital Information Management System.

Our Package

Plan for 1 year Plan for 3 year
Investment 12,000 Investment 25,000
GST 12,000 X 18% = 2,160 GST 25,000 X 18% = 4,500
Total Investment 14,160 Total Investment 29,500

Our company provides to IBC

Individual Website
Banner of our company.
30% of investment to join a new IBC with our company.
25% on sale of per product.
10% on sale of per service.
2 days training